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Wild Hare Kits – Project Life – Oct 2017


Hi lovlies, I hope you’re having a great week.  Today I want to share a Project Life spread I created using my October Wild Hare Kit.

You can check out my unboxing video here

I love this kit so much, it’s my favourite kit so far which makes me think that as Alison gets to know me better my kits are getting better and better.  Sometimes I am really specific about what I want but actually I feel like it’s the things I get that I didn’t ask for that make me the happiest.  I love how Alison chose a woodgrain to go with my (requested) black and white things because I would never have asked for a woodgrain and I would never have known how beautifully it goes with black and white.

I also wouldn’t have asked for any Turn The Page stuff because it’s quite a bright, bold, colourful collection that doesn’t really speak to me but Alison was able to pick out the papers she knew I would love.  The green with the stars was one of my favourites so I just had to make that my title card.  I added a die cut from the Dear Lizzy pack and some alphas from my stash.


I love the papers from Maggie Holmes that have gold foil in.  If you’ve followed me on here or on my YouTube channel you’ll know I can’t resist gold foil.  I added a circle card from an Ali Edwards kit to (badly) squeeze my journaling on.  I also added a punched out paper that says ‘Chill out’ with a circle epoxy sticker to make it look like flair. 

I probably didn’t need another filler card when I had the whole title card but I wanted to use some more of this floral black and white paper.  I think I may have to buy this one again because I’ve used it up for cards and backgrounds but I’ve seen some people do amazing things with it fussy cut that I want to try too.  I added a pink heart shape and cut out the same shape in vellum to soften the colour and added some tiny word stickers on.  Even though I didn’t really need it, this is my favourite card.


I used the woodgrain as a journaling card because the journaling was clear on it.  I also added some black and white tissue paper behind the photo of my fella who was not impressed with the size of his burger. 

I used some more Turn the Page paper for the bottom card, added photos and the caravan die cut which made me happy because on the walk we went on we were talking about converting a van into a campervan.  I haven’t written that story so hopefully that die cut piece will remind me.  That or one day I will look back at the photos and wonder if we camped there.


Finally I added some DIY embellishments that I put together using my trusty punches and the left over scraps of paper.

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I used my Wild Hare Kit to make a Project Life spread.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jess xoxo


Wild Hare Kits – Travelers Notebook – Love Languages


Hi Lovlies, I’m here today to share a travellers notebook layout I created using my Wild Hare Kit for October.  I did film this one but I did it late afternoon and the light just got worse and worse and I made the mistake of bringing over a lamp which just made things even worse.  So I gave up on it and decided to take some better quality photos and blog about it instead.  It would have got done in time if I hadn’t decided to add in some hand stitching but there you go.

I used my petite kit from Wild Hare this month so I have added some bits from my own stash into it.  I wanted to use the woodgrain (have I mentioned it’s my favourite) so I cut a strip and paired it with some black and white paper I had and used white thread to handsticth them together.  I haven’t ever stitched in a TN because I wouldn’t want it to show on the other side of the page.  Sewing these two pieces together before sticking them down meant I got the stitched look I was after without having to sew anything on to the pages in my insert. 

I used a photo of me that started off as a 4×6 photo of me with my family but my printer had run out of ink half way through so the right side edge was all faded.  I didn’t want to lose the photo but half of it wasn’t useable so I was pleased to be able to find a use for it.  I paired it with a screenshot explaining my (main) Love language.  With some black and white tissue paper I bought recently knowing it would compliment my kit.


You can find out your love language preferences here.  I think they’re all important but it is interesting to see what you value most.  Mine is ‘words’ and when I realised that it made a lot of sense.  I’ve always been very sensitive to criticism or teasing and I think this is why.  I also flourish under praise and compliments.

I had a little bit of this black and white floral paper left so fussy cut a tiny corner.  I love how it looks there by itself, framing the page opposite the turned down corner.  That corner was actually a bit tricky because the corner on some patterned paper on the other side of the page was already turned down which meant I couldn’t just turn down the white page, I had to insert some paper between the pages.  It worked out well though because the reverse of this pink floral was the black and white crosses which complimented the previous page.


I added my journaling on to the left hand page and a few additions to my photo, a tag (just pretty, not actually functional) a tab which you can’t tell is really a tab because some of it is hidden but it made a good place to add another word sticker, and a die cut piece that says ‘Be You’.


This was (aside from the stitching) a quick and easy layout and that’s what I love about travellers notebeooks, I can tell my story, pair it with a photo, add some paper and embellishments and it’s done.  I hope you enjoyed this look at how I used my Wild Hare kit to make this layout all about me.

Thanks for visiting


Jess xoxo

ALP – The start of my ‘Book of Me’

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Awesome Ladies Project by now but if not your homework for today is to go and check them out. Kristin who runs it is all about women getting their awesome lady life stories told. Each month there is a new focused storytelling workshop which you can buy as a one off or sign up to be an Awesome Lady VIP to get access to them all. Also if you’re still not sure there’s a brand new workshop called Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking and this one is totally free to everyone so you can get a feel for the classes.
I’ve just completed Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking and I have absolutely loved it. I love how all of Kristin’s classes compliment each other, they don’t have to be stand alone projects. If you already have a scrapbook that’s just about you all these topics can be brought in. If, like me, you don’t have a current ‘all about me’ type album going on then this is the motivation to get started. 231
I’d been thinking about an all about me album for months and I’d been following along with Kristin’s 100 day project #100daysofallaboutme which is 100 questions to answer. I even did a few of them in a travelers notebook and on the Project Life app but I stopped because I decided I wanted one format, one album for all 100 prompts and I wanted consistency. So until I knew exactly how I was going to proceed I didn’t want to do anything.
Working through the Intro to Feminist Scrapbooking workshop and listening to what Kristin has been saying on Instagram made me realise that I just need to start and if it changed along the way that’s fine too. 
So I decided to make my first page and use prompt number 1 from #100daysofallaboutme ‘Name’
I kept it simple but wanted a DIY page for my first one rather than a pocket page so that it covered the rest of the book. I cut a piece of white card to the same size as a 6×8 page protector, punched holes in the side and then got my Wild Hare Kit out to make it pretty.
I used some woodgrain paper for the top, backed my photo – a selfie of me from this week – on some pink paper then fussy cut some of the black and white flowers for the bottom corner.
I added a black ‘hello’ die cut a black and white puffy camera sticker, freckled fawn alphas for my title and some Lucy’s Cards Sequins (magic wand and peach schnapps) have you checked out Lucy’s shop yet? She’s got some awesome new seasonal mixes I’m going to get my hands on very soon.

I sometimes struggle to add journalling onto a page I like the design of but I left a corner empty and typed and printed my journalling into vellum that I attached with some pink washi tape. This way I could ensure that everything I wanted to say fitted into the space I left.

I did smudge the ink a little in my impatience but it’s still legible so I’ll leave it as it is. Lesson learned – let ink on vellum dry for more than a few seconds before snatching it off the printer.

I really like the simple look of this page and I was excited to cross off the first of my 100 prompts. I looked back at the next few prompts and remembered that I had already done some of them. A couple in the Project Life app that I really liked so I printed those off and slipped them into an A5 wallet (only slightly smaller than 6×8 but I can print 2 on an A4 sheet of photo paper, and the plastic wallets are much cheaper and easier to buy) and managed to get it to fit into my 6×8 simple stories album.


Then I decided that although I didn’t like all my TN pages that I created I did like some and didn’t want to re do them. Luckily they were the middle pages in my TN insert so I gently removed them and slotted them into another A5 wallet which I fused so it was narrower and held the pages in neatly. In amongst these pages are a few about other people, my maternal grandparents but I left them in. I told stories about my relationship with each of them so its kind of about me too.


Basically there are no rules for this album. The pages can be in pockets, out of pockets, on card, full 6×8, divided pocket pages, travelers notebook pages added in either in or out of pockets. All about me, right now, as a child or about people I love. I’m going to tackle the 100 prompts but definitely not in order and I might add in things that aren’t on that list too. I’m going to add in bits I do for the Awesome Ladies storytelling workshops each month as I go along and anything I learn from Kristin’s Big Picture Class ‘This Is Me’.

My book of me might be a mixed up messy combination of stories and formats but it will be mine and at least I’m getting my stories told.

If you reached the end of this blog post well done. Gold star for you, if you decide to check out any of the Awesome Ladies Projects and join in I’d love to see what you do so tag me on Instagram [jess.Claire.creates]  🙂

Hi lovlies how are you enjoying the Autumn weather (or Spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere)? I hope you’re having fun.  I am certainly enjoying the change of colour pallet right now. 

Anyhow I’m here today to announce that I will be blogging more since the season change.  I try to upload at least 2 videos a week on my YouTube channel but I’m finding that harder now that little one doesn’t always nap in the day and the light after about 5pm here is just awful.  So I’m going to continue to scrap in the evenings and blog my layouts instead of filming them.  I’m going to aim for about 1 video a week on my channel though and I will still have Design Team projects to share over there so I won’t disappear totally.

This layout is a project lie spread I created using the October Citrus Twist kit.  I’m a new subscriber and this was my first kit.  I’ll be honest, I was a bit disappointed there was such a lot of ‘Turn the page’ stuff in it.  Some of those papers are bright and bold and that isn’t my style.  However I was surprised to find how big the kits are!  I get the pocket life kit and there is So. Much.  Stuff!  So although I’m not blown away by some of the turn the page stuff (don’t get me wrong I really like some of it) there’s loads more bits to enjoy.  I cannot get over how gorgeous the cards are.  I seriously love the Autumn leaves pattern. And I got three stamp sets – one was an add on I chose and I think the other might have been a little ‘welcome’ gift with some other cute tiny embellies.  I just think this kit is serious value for money especially since they lowered the shipping cost for international customers.

Anyway on to the layout.


I have used some Pinkfresh Studio papers to add to this because I felt the more muted tones better complimented the cards I wanted to use.  I created a digital title card using an Autumn leaves photo and added the dates on in Pics Art on my phone.  I use this app a lot for adding text or digital elements to photos.  I added a die cut, word sticker and puffy sticker to avoid this card looking a little flat.  For the other cards I added more die cuts and stickers from the kit and a bit of stamping.  I was spoiled for choice with the stamp sets, they’re the perfect size for adding onto Project Life cards and photos.  I like to have a balance of full size photos and smaller ones so that I can appreciate the photos but also add in some creative touches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like to include screenshots in my Project Life and this cartoon from 4am shower was just perfect for this week.  Go and check out his Instagram because I love seeing his work every day.  It brings a little positivity to my mornings. (https://www.instagram.com/4amshower/)

I hope you enjoyed this look at my first Project Life spread using the October Citrus Twist kit.

Thanks for stopping by

Jess xoxo



Counterfeit Kit Challenge – Guest Designer – Challenge 2. Lessons Learned -September 2017


Hey guys I hope everyone is enjoying using their kits this month. I am still loving mine and getting so much use out of it. I know I work so much better with a kit and get loads more done.

I’m here with my take on challenge 2 – Lessons learned. I had been thinking about this layout for a while before I actually put it together. On the walk to my sons nursery I’d been noticing lots of plants and flowers growing in strange and unexpected places, through gaps in stones and rocks and even between the road and the pavement.  I do this walk 4 times a day, 2 mornings a week and it’s not a short walk so my mind tends to wander.  I just thou20864668_515069732219652_683723990_nght how cool it is that no matter what we (as humans) do to the environment, no matter how many stones, bricks or how much tarmac and concrete we pour on the land, these tiny flowers find a way of bursting through.

It made me think about growth and how it can’t be stopped.  It gave me hope that you can still grow even against all the odds and in the harshest of environments.  No matter what gets thrown at you, just keep growing.  I get deep when my mind wanders!

So I decided to take photos of all the different varieties of plant life growing where it shouldn’t and I put them into a collage on the PicStitch app on my phone.


I used some ombre green paper from Pinkfresh Studio – Life Noted and cut it down to 8.5×11.  I layered some dark green tissue paper behind my photo and printed out my typed journaling on to white card.


I used black and gold alphas from Ali Edwards for my title which I decided to place on the photo.  I really like the look this creates.  It’s not a technique I’ve used before because mostly my photos are of people and I don’t want to cover anyone’s face up with the title but for this layout I think it works well, I tried to set the ‘G’ and the ‘O’ where some of the flowers could be seen through the letters.  I used some black and gold washi tape along the bottom of the page which matches the letters.


I added a die cut piece from Cocoa Vanilla Studio that has the words ‘bloom’, ‘grow’ and ‘love’ on which fitted this story really well.  I stuck the frame down flat and put double sided foam tape behind the cut out words so they stood up for some dimension.  I added a blue flower and some cute and tiny wood veneer pieces to the corners.  And I finished the layout off with some sequins (Peacock mix from Lucy’s Cards)


I love the finished look of this layout and I feel like every time I see these plants I take a different message from their perseverance.

What lessons have you learned, recently or in the past? Have you scrapped them?

Check out The Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog for more of the teams own ‘Lessons Learned’  and find out how to share your projects if you decide to join in the fun.


DIY Embellishments – Counterfeit Kit Challenge – Guest Designer


When I use a kit, one I have created or one I have received I often feel that I need more embellishments.  I must just have a fairly embellishment heavy style because I like having lots to choose from.  To make sure I have enough to last me the rest of the kit contents I like to make some of my own.  I use papers, stickers and tiny embellishments from the kit to make tailored ephemera pieces that I can pick from when I’m creating.

Here’s how I did that using my Counterfeit Kit for September.

I chose some papers that I knew would co-ordinate with the papers in my kit.  Some of them were the actual papers and some were just scraps I had leftover that needed using.  I knew that mostly I would want heart shapes so I started with those.  I had a heart die cut that I used to draw around and cut out lots of the same shape.  I also used my 1 inch punches (circle and scalloped heart) my 0.5 inch punch (circle) and my tiny confetti punch (heart).  I will sometimes also do larger circles, stars or tags for the basis but this time I kept it simple.


I then layered smaller shapes onto the large hearts, aiming for contrasting colours.  Add tiny word phrase stickers or phrase strips (Ali Edwards) and some doodled borders and they’re done!

My top tips for creating these embellishments are: start by cutting out your biggest pieces first, you get the most out of your paper that way.  Think about the kinds of papers you might use the embellishments on, you don’t want them blending into the background.  Also think about the types of photos you might use them with, for example I have a trip to N.Ireland coming up soon (as I write this I should really be packing) so I have an idea of the kinds of photos I will be scrapbooking with my kit so I was able to choose phrase stickers that I knew would fit my experiences.  Well I hope it will all be ‘best ever’ anyway and no ‘epic fails’.  Finally I love adding the doodled borders to some of the shapes, especially when the colours of the shapes are similar, it really helps them pop.


So go grab your kit and some punches and go crazy.  It makes adding creative hand crafted embellishments to your pages so quick and easy.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge – Challenge 1 – Love This Place – September 2017


Hi guys welcome back to my blog.  I have been loving being the guest designer for this month and my kit has been just what I needed to scrap my trip photos and break my pink/gold obsession.  Saying that this layout features both pink and gold but look there’s green and blue and yellow too so I think I’m doing well.

The process for this video can be found here

Our first challenge in September was called Love This Place and the aim was to look at some of those great sentiments in the Lost River kit (Studio Calico) and use them as a jumping off point for our layout and journaling.  Now, confession time, when I was looking back at the kit and the sentiments, especially in the Documenter kit on the Project Life cards I didn’t check what the title of this challenge was.  So I caught sight of the ‘Love this pladavce’ card and knew I wanted to use that because of the photos I am currently scrapping of my trip to Northern Ireland.  It was only when I came to edit the video I remembered it was the example we were starting with so hopefully there is a range of other sentiments used because apparently I haven’t been very imaginative with this one.

But I really did Love the place haha. dav

I started with a Simple Stories paper and added a black and white border.  I used gold thickers for my title and framed them around the two photos I was using.  I added a doily and a tag with labels and some DIY embellishments.

I used Simple Stories word stickers to add a little journaling to the page but kept my story to the tag.  I wanted the paper to still be fairly visible because I loved the colours and the pattern.
The ampersand paper clip was one of the only davpieces (except Project Life Cards) that I included from the real Lost River Kit – I got the Documenter kit as a subscriber last year and I still had this little beauty so I thought I’d add it here.


I love how this layout turned out and the phrase was perfect for my photos.  Maybe I will try to use one of the other phrases too somewhere 🙂 I’ll let you know if I do.

Make sure to check out the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog here to see everyone else’s take on this challenge.