Counterfeit Kit Challenge June 2017

This month I am taking part in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Each month they use products from their stash to put together a kit. Each kit is based on an existing subscription kit and this month that is the super beautiful Felicity Jane Willow kit. 

I often look at the Felicity Jane kit but after doing some research the cost of the kit add on papers and shipping to the UK is just way out of my budget. So creating a kit from my own stash that mimics it is the next best thing. And much more affordable. Plus I have a growing stash that needs using so its the best of both worlds. 

Check out my YouTube channel to see how I put together my first Counterfeit Kit and keep an eye out for lots of process videos coming up. Having a kit put together that coordinates is making the creative process much faster because I’m not searching through all my products. 

Let me know if you create a counterfeit kit and follow me on Instagram to see when I post new CKC videos on my channel. 

Have fun scrapping 🙂

Jess xoxo


Week in the life 2017 – Saturday


Dear Ben
Thank you for the very loud and insistent 6am wake up call. I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway so it was probably for the best. Don’t worry though bud, I’ll get my own back on you when you’re a teenager and want to stay in bed all day.


You wanted me to play with your monster truck which is currently your favourite toy. You started watching Blaze and the monster machines and now you’d rather watch that than Paw Patrol, which had been a long time favourite. In the last few days you can be heard yelling “Le Baaay” which means “Let’s Blaze” as you throw your monster truck through the air, occasionally catching yourself on the head. You will even refuse to go to bed unless you have the truck with you. You like to carry it (and a number of other toys) upstairs with you to the bathroom. You do not want me to help in case I take them away.

We are now sat having breakfast, momma needs some energy, of shreddies, milk and banana and you have two small diggers who are being very helpful and trying to pick up the shreddies and you say “danchoo dedder” which means “thank you digger”.

I love your independence, you know what you want to do and you don’t mind much if I’m not always with you. Today you found a patch of dirt to play in and it didn’t matter how many times I said “Come on Ben. I’m going now. Bye Ben” or how far away I got, you carried right on playing in the dirt. You trust me to never put you in danger and our attachment is strong enough for you to feel safe at a distance.
You know your own mind, as we walked past a patch of flowers you started saying “I’m stuck” we carried on and you kept saying it so I got you out and you turned and walked back the way we came. I thought you were heading back to the dirt patch but you went to where you saw the flowers to pick a specific dandelion. There were lots of yellow flowers in the park but not many of the ones with seeds on. You knew that was the one you wanted.
Even though you’re happy playing at a distance you still like me to play with you too and on the playground you kept taking my hand so I would go on the climbing frame with you. Then you would sit down and pat the seat next to you saying “here mamma”.

Week in the life 2017 – Friday

My thoughts for the day:

Sometimes we Fall down. Toddlers do ever so well at getting back up again. They try again. Such bravery. Let’s all be a little like toddlers and pick ourselves back up when we fall and keep on trying. 

Doing WITL has made me want to keep my house tidy. Its helping to motivate me to cultivate the life I want to record. 

I wish I knew what Ben was saying. There are lots of times he babbles and I know what he means or I respond like I know what he said. But some times he will sound so intense and he will gesture with his hands too. I feel bad that I don’t understand because he’s really trying to tell me something. Even more so when he goes up at the end like he’s asking a question. I often say “Oh baby, I wish I knew the answer but I don’t even know the question” 

Ben always has a handful of shreddies while I make breakfast to keep him occupied *cough* I mean going. 

I so love that Ben can help out with jobs and he enjoys putting things in the bin. 

Too often I have kids TV show theme songs in my head. I really need to listen to some music occasionally. 

Most of the times we get on the train I get Ben out of the pushchair and fold it down. Today though I seem to have more stuff, coats we aren’t wearing, the rucksack as well as the big camera that I’m getting a little paranoid about as its the first time I’ve brought it out. So I left it up and managed to get it on the train by myself. Even the conductor was impressed, he didn’t even have chance to offer to help. 

Ben made me chuckle by blowing a kiss to the train as we left. 

We thought we were under attack when an alarm went off in the whole of meadowhall. Luckily it didn’t last long. 

Me and Kim started planning going to Harry Potter Studios. We are going to look out for deals. I so want us to go. 

We saw Eleanor and little Oliver and oh my! He looks so like Paul. 

Ben is currently loving dandelions and wants me to pick them from peoples gardens. 

Today Ben has run on snacks and sweets. 

I know what I like and I like what I know. I bought clothes from primark but only ones I’ve bought before. 

Feeling the need to introvert. 

Home and the dad from 102 and his son came round to drop off my package that they took in for me. I was going to go round when Ben was in bed. I never take packages to people if I accept them. I always think its their package they should come and pick it up. Its my WITL folder. I need to try to resist making anything till next week. I know I’ll have a better perspective of the week as a whole then. And can distribute non-day-specific photos. 

I need to make a to do list. 

I love that Kim and I still get together at Meadowhall. I still have memories of our trips there as teenagers. 

Thwarted by technology!!!! Damn stupid aura. 

Cuddles with both my boys at once. My heart is so full. 

Convincing Al that we should get Dominos 🙂 hahaha. 

Week in the life 2017 – Thursday


Today was Ben’s second day at nursery and Mum came with us.  Ben hadn’t been in the best mood all morning, he didn’t want to go upstairs, he didn’t want to get dressed (again) and he wanted to go out of the front door and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him.  He didn’t want to get into mum’s car but he was quite happy getting out.  I think he knew where he was going and he was looking forward to it.  He did a little jump when we got out and he saw nursery.  I felt better going in this time, I knew where I was going and I saw some of the same staff.  I introduced mum to them and Ben toddled in while we chatted.  It was only when I asked him to say goodbye to me that he realised I was going.  He did get a bit upset but one of the staff (I must learn their names) gave him a hug and I just left.  I know from experience that the longer parents drag out those goodbyes the more upset the child gets and the bigger an issue it becomes.  On the other hand I don’t want to have to leave without him noticing.  I want him to know I’m leaving and get used to saying goodbye to me.  The hour he was there went really fast.  Mum and I came back to mine and had a cup of tea and I showed her my Project Life album.  I love sharing my creations and it’s so nice to have someone interested in seeing them.  By the time I even checked what time it was it was already time to leave.  We headed back to nursery and Ben was playing with some of the other boys.  The girls said he had been fine and just wanted to check that his Dad could pick him up.  I hope that Jase can go in with me one day so they can meet him.  Ben came to me when he saw me and lifted his arms up to me.  He did still cry when we left but I think he’s starting to get used to going and leaving.  I think he’s going to do great next week when he starts properly.  I’m so proud of him and excited for him to start this new adventure.

Week In The Life 2017 – Wednesday

6:07 Al kisses me goodbye bmd

6:15 social media time.  I put on my necklace and it makes me think about the jewellery I wear.  I write a little about it on Instagram.

6:51 little man starts chatting

7:06 Ben says ‘wheel’ very clearly for the first time

7:15 breakfast. Shreddies and milk for Ben. Dark tea and light toast for me

7:30 washing out of dryer

7:32 Ben changed & dressed

7:42 Ben still refusing to wear a t shirt

7:47 nursery rhymes. Ben tolerated incy wincy spider and head shoulders knees and toes but joined in with row row row your boat. sdr

7:53 this conversation keeps happening Me: Can I put your T-shirt on? Ben: no! *big frown*

7:58 the megablocks are out

8:00 I discovered Instagram collections. This makes me happy.

8:02 the fact that it Keeps crashing, however, makes me sad

8:03 finally forced Ben into a T-shirt. He was distracted building his megablocks tower, huffing and puffing as he put it together then saying “phew, I’m hot” while wiping his brow. My little builder boy.

9:09 I have rearranged the kitchen so that Ben has a shelf of things that he can get for himself. He was very intcoferested and wanted to keep going in and taking things out. Independence can be messy but it’s so worth it. After this Ben got a cup out and wanted some water in it.  Despite wanting to pour it on the floor he is doing really well at drinking from a cup.  He just needs to learn to drink from it rather than play with it.  Seeing him be more independent makes me feel so proud.  When I do things to make that possible I also feel proud of myself.

9:29 set off for Cortonwood

9:41 Ben confused hearing cofan alarm not seeing an emergency vehicle

9:50 Ben waves bye bye to two dogs

10:00 Ben finds a stick and repeatedly tells me “mama big stick”.  It is in no way big.

10:08 arrive at Asda Cortonwood

10:20 got joggers for Ben and tops for me. All done. Heading to eves now. Very pleased that we got just what I wanted in such an efficient time.DSC_0039

10:22 encounter with wasps. I hate wasps.

10:35 at eves Ben running on the sofas, feeding the fish and jumping on eve.  Me and eve being able to chat properly.  Ben occupying himself so well.  I loved being there and I feel like I’m finally in a phase where I can take Ben places without feeling so stressed.  He sat at a real chair to eat dinner, he didn’t actually attempt to climb the stairs once.  He did turn the fire on and off but he didn’t burn himself and he didn’t break a single thing.  I worry constantly in others peoples’ houses that he will break or ruin things but I realised today that I could not think of a single occasion he has broken anything before.  Eve and I talked about her work and me and Ben, we discussed whether I want more children and if Eve wants any children.  Seeing the house was very motivating and Eve advised me on how to re-style my living room.

11:19 Ben dancing. I feel like I could fall asleep. Fish n chips for lunch.

1:24 leave eves

1:30 see the bus arrive and run like billy-O to get onto the bus at 1:33 to wait for 6 minutes. Always the way but I hate the thought of not running and missing it. On the bus was a boy of about 8 or 9 with his mum, they looked a lot alike and they were coming home from the shops together.  They were chatting and laughing and seemed really close.  I couldn’t stop myself from beaming, they were so cute together and just obviously nice friendly people and I could see a lot of myself and Ben in them.  I love the bond we share and I look forward to the days ahead when we can spend time together as he grows up.

1:40 home

1:45 changing Ben in the bathroom and he peed all over the floor. While I was cleaning up he tipped water over me.

1:50 I read Ben’s story to him wearing no top. I closed the curtains.

1:55 dressed so I can take the bins out.  I am wonder woman taking out both bins together while my baby boy sleeps.  Bins were the main thing I argued with my ex about and now I still feel pride each time I do it because I can manage all by myself.

2:00 I call Eve to tell her the tale of toddler moments and Ben is already asleep.

2:30 close my eyes for half an hour.

[[No idea why my font has changed or how to change it back]] bmd

4:00 woke up with no idea what day it was or where I was supposed to be.  In my very disorientated state one of my first thoughts was “Where’s Al?”

 4:05 woke Ben up. Neither of us are happy to be awake

4:15 Jase came to pick Ben up.  I like that we get on as well as we do.  We chatted about Ben and the cute things he does and commented on the New Linkin Park songs which neither of us are particularly keen on.  Oh well, they’ve been one of my top 2 favourite bands since I was 14, maybe it’s time I let them go.  Not the old stuff though, I will always love that.bdr

4:30 feeling crap and surfing social media

4:55 forcing myself to dye my hair

5:20 hair covered in dye I make a WITL video



5:45 I see a comment from Ali Edwards on instagram giving me the permission to rest. Why did I need someone else to tell me that?

6:00 shower tocof wash off the dye

6:23 upload video for Saturday

6:42 eat chocolate

7:00 Ben home. He takes a fire engine and a toy ice cream stall with him to brush his teeth.  He does not want to brush his teeth.  He attempts to carry both toys and a hairbrush and his step with him from the bathroom to his bedroom.  Damn why didn’t I bring my camera upstairs.  He requests ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ for bedtime story. I like books that rhyme.  He knows what he wants, I show him the books one at a time and he says “No…No…No…Yes”

7:30 Writing UKSA Blog post bmd

8:00 Watching Newsroom

8:30 Recording voiceover for an NSD challenge video for FTLOPP

9:00 uploading video and talking with Maria, Sarah and Claire on facebook about the challenge videos.

10:09 and this blog is about to go live and I am about to go to bed.

Week in the life 2017 – Tuesday

[[ Just a note that today I enjoyed the writing process so much more because during the day I had been thinking about story starters: Today was a big day, We had a disaster, When I walk through my house, In the evening.  These starting points made my thoughts flow.  Let me know how you start your stories]]


When I walk through my house I want to make it neat and tidy.  I look at the mess that seems to extend to every corner, every side and every surface and I want to sort it out.  But today I was standing in the kitchen trying to sort the pots out and Ben kept coming in, taking my hand and leading me into the living room where he had got out some new toy, or box of toys and upturned it on to the floor.  The Mega Blocks were everywhere, every single one of his vehicles were thrown from their box and the Thomas and friends cards were scattered across the room.  I neatened it up a little but the next time I came through he had been into the dining room and emptied out the box with the marble run, octons and pirate bowling pins.  He upturned it and took out a solitary ball.  The pots didn’t get finished.  Not all the toys were returned to their drawers.  Chaos reigns.  But my boy was happy and we even got some time to play together.  bty

He did make me laugh though.  One of those parenting moments where you really should not be seen laughing by the child.  He was building a tower of mega blocks and to break it up he threw it at my face.  It actually really hurt my cheek and I stopped smiling, pointed at him and said “No.  No throwing.  That’s naughty.” He stopped what he was doing, smiled, patted my arm and said “Na na mamma”.  It was part comforting and part patronising.  I could not help laughing.  Hopefully he didn’t see as he had turned away and hopefully next time I can be more firm.


Tea tonight was Pasta Bake and I took it out of the oven just as Al walked up to the house – perfect timing.  Sometimes I enjoy cooking and sometimes I am so grateful for simple straightforward meals that come together with very little preparation.  Today was the latter.  Pasta + sauce from a jar + water + cheese = a meal for 3.  Ben loved it and Al was hungry enough to eat it despite knowing straight away that it was creamy tomato which he doesn’t like.

 In the evening once Ben has gone to bed Al and I snuggle up on the sofa to watch something.  Tonight we watched Lie to Me.  I’ve been enjoying Once Upon A Time but it’s kind of depressing.  It just feels like it’s one bad thing after another and the future never looks much brighter.  Maybe this was why I stopped watching it last time.  I want to persevere with it and see some characters I haven’t seen yet but it does get me down.  Is it worth it?  Lie to Me is one of those shows I could watch again and again.  Second only to The Newsroom which I think I may have to re-watch, it’s almost been a full year since the last time I watched it.  That’s long for me.

Week in the life 2017 – Monday

What a way to start my Monday.  The first thing I did this morning was have an interview with Sally Harris for her podcast 100 Creatives.  I saw a post about it on Kellie Winnell’s Instagbtyram and thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss my creativity, the 100 day project (My daily journaling) as well as UK Scrap Addicts.  The interview went really well and I so enjoyed talking to Sally.  I could have chatted with her all day.  I was nervous at first but I had everything written down that I wanted to say and it went smoother than I expected, I didn’t have to ask her to re-do anything.  I did slip up once or twice and mis-spoke but that’s what you’d expect in a normal, natural conversation so I’m sure it was fine.  I just hope I didn’t talk too fast at the start.  I felt like I was kind of rushing through things.  There were a few things Sally mentioned that I hadn’t prepared for like WITL and Gretchen Rubin’s habits scale but since they were both topics I knew a bit about I actually found them easy to talk about.  I did the quiz and found out that, like Sally, I am an obligor.  I stick to habits better if I am answering to someone other than myself, that’s what I expected.

Once the podcast was over Al and I had breakfast.  I finally relented and got dressed from my PJs to some real clothes and made a food shop list.  After cleaning the fridge because something was stinky in there.  We went to Lidl to do some food shopping and I told Al to get used to me taking lots of photos of him this week.

We went to some of the shops in Wombwell and I told Al my plans for re-decorating my living room based on the cushion I like in Wilko.  I have a cushion problem.  I actually want the ones Rebecca has.


We came home and both unpacked the shopping. Then I cooked Fajitas which we ate while watching Star Wars Force Awakens.  So many great lines!!


Poe: Who talks first? Do I talk? Do you talk? Ray: Stop taking my hand! Ray: The one I’m pointing to. Maz: I like that Wookie. Han: I’ll do what I always do and talk my way out of it.  Chewie: *makes noise*. Han: Yes it does. Every time. Leia: I hate watching you leave.  Han: that’s why I do it. So you’ll miss me. Han: That’s not how the force works. Finn: I’m rescuing you.  Poe: You need a pilot. Finn: I need a pilot.
We ate cinnamon buns which is our tradition after every food shop – normally on a Sunday.  It feels like a Sunday.