Lost and Found

I recently re-subscribed to the Ali Edwards story kits I had Brave then Fun and this months kit is Lost and Found. I love getting these kits and I always have so many ideas of stories to scrap. For this layout the story happened just before I received my kit and I knew it was one I would want to document once it arrived. 

Because I knew I would want to use the kit I made sure to write all my journalling at the time so that I wouldn’t forget it. Sometimes I do this just in my notes on my phone but for this one I wanted to share the story on Instagram so I uploaded the photo and then journalled what had happened and what I was thinking and feeling at the time and it made it so easy to then do the journalling on the layout when I put it together a few weeks later. I wouldn’t have remembered the whole story if I hadn’t written it at the time. 

Here are some close ups so you can see all the journalling. 

Scrapbooker Obsessed

Do you ever wake up in the morning with scrapbooking ideas running through your mind?

That’s what’s been happening to me lately. Yesterday it was how to print smaller photos for my project life and this morning it was a method for hiding journalling in a travelers notebook. 

I have a lot of projects on right now so it makes sense that they’re kind of filling my brain. It could also be due to the fact that its the weekend and usually I have quite a lot of time to myself. This weekend though I have my little boy and my mister all weekend. Its a rare treat and I’m actually loving it more than I thought. The boys are bonding and Ben has just tried to shut me in the house so he and Al can play in the sand outside together. 

I am so lucky to get time with them and also know that at 2pm Ben will nap and Al is going to finalise his house move so I will actually get some time to sit at my desk and scrap. I am blessed to have a balance of time to myself and time with the people I love. 

My plans today are:

1. Voice over the 3 videos I have edited

2. Work on yesterdays #100daysofallaboutme prompt 

3. Tell the ‘lost and found’ story in my TN with the hidden journalling I was planning at 5:45 this morning. 

4. Go for a run

5. Shower

6. Cook dinner (not sure what yet)

7. Clean the kitchen

I hope to be super productive today. What are your plans? 

All my current crafty endeavours

So I want to start using my blog more and I thought it would be a good start to do an update of sorts. I have loads of great stuff going on right now and I think it would be useful for me to have it all written down somewhere. So here’s what I am up to creatively.
1. I am still working on weekly Project Life pages for my family album. Some of this I’m sharing but mostly not just because of all the faces I don’t have permission to share
2. I am a member of the UK Scrap Addicts with lots of other lovely UK girls and each month we have a specific topic that we create layouts for. I do one blog post and one video for them and I plan to do a sneak peek blog each month that links into that. You an find the UK Scrap Addicts blog here and their YouTube here.
3. I am now a member of the design team for the new subscription kit The Wild Hare Kit which is a customisable hand curated kit that uses current brands and products to create personalised kits for each subscriber. Each month there will be an unboxing and 3-5 projects over on my YouTube channel. There will also be occasional blog posts on the Wild Hare Kit blog. I plan to do a blog here at the end of each month that shows my kit and all the projects I created from it. Kind of a Kill a Kit share. Check out Wild Hare on the webpage here, Instagram here and Facebook here.  And you can find my unboxing and other projects using my August Kit here.
4. I am also on the design team for the Crafty Channel Surf Facebook group known as The Something Inspirational Team. We will have 6 topics and every month we will each tackle one of them. Those videos will go up on my YouTube channel and I will also post a blog sharing the layout. You can find the Crafty Channel Facebook group here.
5. In September I have been asked to be a guest designer for something super exciting so there will be a few blog posts for that.
6. I was extremely lucky to win a place on Megan Anderson’s class 31 challenges which is all about pocket pages. I already have a few videos filmed of my process and I hope to complete as many of them as I can, though they may not all be this month. You can find out more about the class here.
7. I considered joining in with the Scrap Gals 100 day project started by Tori Bissell which was going to be a fresh start/new challenge following on from the annual 100 day project for anyone who missed it, didn’t finish or just wanted to do it again. I had a whole list of ideas of things to do but I decided I was probably taking too much on. Then I saw Kristin Tweedale and her #100daysofallaboutme questions and since I’m doing a lot of scrapping right now I thought it might actually be helpful to have some ideas of what to scrap.
So the topics for design teams and challenges tend to be techniques like stamping, design ideas like ‘something big’, specific challenges like using 2 project life cards or products from a kit to use. Sometimes I have such great ideas for layouts but I’m not sure what photo or story to use. Kristin’s questions are a great way to spark story ideas and at the end of it I will have 100 pages (pockets, layouts, travelers notebook, digital) that tell my story all the while completing all the other projects I have going on. I don’t feel like this is taking more on, if anything its relieving the pressure on me to find new things to scrap. Find the 100 day project going on in the Scrap Gals Facebook group here and Kristin’s 100 days of All About Me here
8. I do subscribe to Ali Edwards story kits so I hope to have a video or two using those and I will do an end of the month wrap up blog post of what the theme was and the projects I created with it. You can see those kits here
9. And I am a patron of Inkie Quill on Patreon so at times I want to scraplift ideas, get a little messy and use some of the free printables from there. Find Adele’s Patreon here
10. I am also a member of quite a few scrappy groups so I may also occasionally join in with some other challenges. Create Craft Repeat have a weekly challenge that I often have ideas for. Find the awesome Create Craft Repeat Facebook group here.
So in summary I have so much inspiration from subscription kits, design teams, challenges and classes. I have no reason not to get my stories told. And hopefully all this will give me loads of reasons to write blog posts. I promise they won’t all be this long though I do have a tendency to chat away once I get started. Make sure to check out all the links if you’re interested in anything I mentioned.
Have a great day and you shall be reading more from me soon.
Take care Jess

Counterfeit Kit Challenge June 2017

This month I am taking part in the Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Each month they use products from their stash to put together a kit. Each kit is based on an existing subscription kit and this month that is the super beautiful Felicity Jane Willow kit. 

I often look at the Felicity Jane kit but after doing some research the cost of the kit add on papers and shipping to the UK is just way out of my budget. So creating a kit from my own stash that mimics it is the next best thing. And much more affordable. Plus I have a growing stash that needs using so its the best of both worlds. 

Check out my YouTube channel to see how I put together my first Counterfeit Kit and keep an eye out for lots of process videos coming up. Having a kit put together that coordinates is making the creative process much faster because I’m not searching through all my products. 

Let me know if you create a counterfeit kit and follow me on Instagram to see when I post new CKC videos on my channel. 

Have fun scrapping 🙂

Jess xoxo


Week in the life 2017 – Saturday


Dear Ben
Thank you for the very loud and insistent 6am wake up call. I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway so it was probably for the best. Don’t worry though bud, I’ll get my own back on you when you’re a teenager and want to stay in bed all day.


You wanted me to play with your monster truck which is currently your favourite toy. You started watching Blaze and the monster machines and now you’d rather watch that than Paw Patrol, which had been a long time favourite. In the last few days you can be heard yelling “Le Baaay” which means “Let’s Blaze” as you throw your monster truck through the air, occasionally catching yourself on the head. You will even refuse to go to bed unless you have the truck with you. You like to carry it (and a number of other toys) upstairs with you to the bathroom. You do not want me to help in case I take them away.

We are now sat having breakfast, momma needs some energy, of shreddies, milk and banana and you have two small diggers who are being very helpful and trying to pick up the shreddies and you say “danchoo dedder” which means “thank you digger”.

I love your independence, you know what you want to do and you don’t mind much if I’m not always with you. Today you found a patch of dirt to play in and it didn’t matter how many times I said “Come on Ben. I’m going now. Bye Ben” or how far away I got, you carried right on playing in the dirt. You trust me to never put you in danger and our attachment is strong enough for you to feel safe at a distance.
You know your own mind, as we walked past a patch of flowers you started saying “I’m stuck” we carried on and you kept saying it so I got you out and you turned and walked back the way we came. I thought you were heading back to the dirt patch but you went to where you saw the flowers to pick a specific dandelion. There were lots of yellow flowers in the park but not many of the ones with seeds on. You knew that was the one you wanted.
Even though you’re happy playing at a distance you still like me to play with you too and on the playground you kept taking my hand so I would go on the climbing frame with you. Then you would sit down and pat the seat next to you saying “here mamma”.

Week in the life 2017 – Friday

My thoughts for the day:

Sometimes we Fall down. Toddlers do ever so well at getting back up again. They try again. Such bravery. Let’s all be a little like toddlers and pick ourselves back up when we fall and keep on trying. 

Doing WITL has made me want to keep my house tidy. Its helping to motivate me to cultivate the life I want to record. 

I wish I knew what Ben was saying. There are lots of times he babbles and I know what he means or I respond like I know what he said. But some times he will sound so intense and he will gesture with his hands too. I feel bad that I don’t understand because he’s really trying to tell me something. Even more so when he goes up at the end like he’s asking a question. I often say “Oh baby, I wish I knew the answer but I don’t even know the question” 

Ben always has a handful of shreddies while I make breakfast to keep him occupied *cough* I mean going. 

I so love that Ben can help out with jobs and he enjoys putting things in the bin. 

Too often I have kids TV show theme songs in my head. I really need to listen to some music occasionally. 

Most of the times we get on the train I get Ben out of the pushchair and fold it down. Today though I seem to have more stuff, coats we aren’t wearing, the rucksack as well as the big camera that I’m getting a little paranoid about as its the first time I’ve brought it out. So I left it up and managed to get it on the train by myself. Even the conductor was impressed, he didn’t even have chance to offer to help. 

Ben made me chuckle by blowing a kiss to the train as we left. 

We thought we were under attack when an alarm went off in the whole of meadowhall. Luckily it didn’t last long. 

Me and Kim started planning going to Harry Potter Studios. We are going to look out for deals. I so want us to go. 

We saw Eleanor and little Oliver and oh my! He looks so like Paul. 

Ben is currently loving dandelions and wants me to pick them from peoples gardens. 

Today Ben has run on snacks and sweets. 

I know what I like and I like what I know. I bought clothes from primark but only ones I’ve bought before. 

Feeling the need to introvert. 

Home and the dad from 102 and his son came round to drop off my package that they took in for me. I was going to go round when Ben was in bed. I never take packages to people if I accept them. I always think its their package they should come and pick it up. Its my WITL folder. I need to try to resist making anything till next week. I know I’ll have a better perspective of the week as a whole then. And can distribute non-day-specific photos. 

I need to make a to do list. 

I love that Kim and I still get together at Meadowhall. I still have memories of our trips there as teenagers. 

Thwarted by technology!!!! Damn stupid aura. 

Cuddles with both my boys at once. My heart is so full. 

Convincing Al that we should get Dominos 🙂 hahaha. 

Week in the life 2017 – Thursday


Today was Ben’s second day at nursery and Mum came with us.  Ben hadn’t been in the best mood all morning, he didn’t want to go upstairs, he didn’t want to get dressed (again) and he wanted to go out of the front door and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him.  He didn’t want to get into mum’s car but he was quite happy getting out.  I think he knew where he was going and he was looking forward to it.  He did a little jump when we got out and he saw nursery.  I felt better going in this time, I knew where I was going and I saw some of the same staff.  I introduced mum to them and Ben toddled in while we chatted.  It was only when I asked him to say goodbye to me that he realised I was going.  He did get a bit upset but one of the staff (I must learn their names) gave him a hug and I just left.  I know from experience that the longer parents drag out those goodbyes the more upset the child gets and the bigger an issue it becomes.  On the other hand I don’t want to have to leave without him noticing.  I want him to know I’m leaving and get used to saying goodbye to me.  The hour he was there went really fast.  Mum and I came back to mine and had a cup of tea and I showed her my Project Life album.  I love sharing my creations and it’s so nice to have someone interested in seeing them.  By the time I even checked what time it was it was already time to leave.  We headed back to nursery and Ben was playing with some of the other boys.  The girls said he had been fine and just wanted to check that his Dad could pick him up.  I hope that Jase can go in with me one day so they can meet him.  Ben came to me when he saw me and lifted his arms up to me.  He did still cry when we left but I think he’s starting to get used to going and leaving.  I think he’s going to do great next week when he starts properly.  I’m so proud of him and excited for him to start this new adventure.