Top 10 tips for starting with Project Life


“Create a good life and record it” – Becky Higgins

  1. Start simple. Choose 1 design of page protector until you’re comfortable with it.  I recommend design A because it fits with the layout of most cards – landscape 4×6 and portrait 3×4.  Also it’s the first one that comes up in the app.
  2. Embrace photo collages. Add 2 portrait 3x4s on a 4×6 page, this avoids you cutting a 4×6 photo in half to fit across two pockets.  Trust me it is not pretty when you chop down the middle of someone’s face. Plus these days we tend to take more photos with our phones and often we do so in portrait.
  3. Your photos are good enough for your album. You may have a big expensive DSLR camera and that is awesome.  You may have a cheap and nasty smart phone that takes photos.  That is still awesome.  Take your photos, print them and put them in an album.  Your story is worth telling.
  4. Look for inspiration. I apologise now for leading you down the rabbit hole that is the Project Life community but it’s so fun! Check out #projectlife on Instagram, join local Project Life groups on facebook or search for it on pinterest.  Checking out other people’s work will help you figure out your style.
  5. Try out different methods, techniques, sizes and styles. I still don’t think I have discovered my own style in Project Life after doing it for 3 years.  Each page looks different and I am fine with that.  Maybe one day I will be one of those people with matching 12×12 albums all lined up in my Ikea kallax cube shelves (which I have yet to purchase).  But for now I am happy going from digital to physical, from minimalist to over the top.
  6. Work at a pace that suits you. I do a page a week – that’s a single page, not a double page layout (beware of that distinction).  That’s what works for me and what I know I can keep up with.  You may feel that a page isn’t enough or you might want to do monthly pages, or just scrap events.  Or you might want to scrap historical events, or not go chronologically.  Do what suits you and the time you can set aside.
  7. Use the app to plan journaling. I know that people sometimes think I am crazy for creating my pages twice, once in the app and on physical cards but when I first started I found it really helped to plan what I wanted to write so I didn’t over-fill the cards.
  8. Start with one card kit. I would suggest starting with a mini kit or a value kit.  I love a good core kit but there are always too many of each card and never enough 4×6 journal cards.  If you do have core kits and find you’re not using them enough check out Project life swap pages on facebook, you might find someone who has a different core kit who is also in need of some variety.
  9. Add ephemera. Those pockets can hold other things too.  Think about the bits and pieces that you want to preserve: tickets, receipts, gift tags, cards, packaging. Pretty much anything can go into your album in some way.  You can add small bits into the pockets, Becky Higgins also makes envelope pages for bigger pieces.  Or just hole punch things and add them right in to the rings.
  10. You don’t have to give up on full page layouts. If you are already a scrap booker creating full page layouts that’s great.  Pocket pages can be a great way to add in more photos.  Have you ever had an event with lots of photos but don’t feel they all need a full page? Enter, pocket pages!  Do full layouts of the most important ones then add the rest into pocket pages.  Don’t give up on your current method, have the best of both worlds.

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