March Planner Spread


This is my first planner spread blog post and it happens to be the week of my son’s 2nd birthday so it’s kind of colourful.  I started the year by deciding I wanted to keep my pages plain and simple in bullet journal style.  I wanted only black pen and my own doodles and hand-lettering.

Its 2 months in and already I am resorting back to stickers and washi tape – I’ve come full circle to when I first started using a travellers notebook insert to plan in.  I like this colourful look.  This happened a few weeks ago when I used the planner stickers I got in my February Brimbles box, I loved the pink look so I may have to carry on with prettifying my pages.  The black icon stickers on this page are from the January Brimbles box.  [The Brimbles Box]

My only issue with using planner stickers is that they’re never quite the right size for a travellers notebook insert, they’re always a bit big.  I know there are kit clubs that specialise in travellers notebooks though, like Cocoa Daisy, so maybe I should check them out some day.

So currently I am using inserts from Travelers Times [Travelers Times on Etsy] which I love.  The paper quality is fantastic and can handle pretty much any pen I use.  I always use grid pages as it makes my check boxes more uniform.  This insert has the days of the week down one side and blank grid paper on the other.  I have decided to move back to a full week on two page layout soon because I prefer to have my to-do lists on the separate days but for now I am making this layout work.

For each day I list the events or appointments we have and any date specific tasks I need to remember.  On the grid side I keep track of my ongoing to-do list, a place to record the happy mail I need to write and send – a lot of these get carried over.  And I have a cleaning section where I track the household tasks I need to do in the week as well as a meals section which I will fill out once I have done the food shop.  All I know for now is that we are out on Tuesday night.

The washi tape I used were samples I had received from a pen pal so I’m afraid I can’t source those – I wish I could because I love those arrows.

I will be doing a full review of Travelers Times inserts and a post all about bullet journaling so keep a look out on the blog for those soon.

I’d love to see your planner spreads for the week so put a photo in the comments or tag me in them on Instagram.  Happy Pancake Day!


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