Week in the life 2017 – Monday

What a way to start my Monday.  The first thing I did this morning was have an interview with Sally Harris for her podcast 100 Creatives.  I saw a post about it on Kellie Winnell’s Instagbtyram and thought it would be a good opportunity to discuss my creativity, the 100 day project (My daily journaling) as well as UK Scrap Addicts.  The interview went really well and I so enjoyed talking to Sally.  I could have chatted with her all day.  I was nervous at first but I had everything written down that I wanted to say and it went smoother than I expected, I didn’t have to ask her to re-do anything.  I did slip up once or twice and mis-spoke but that’s what you’d expect in a normal, natural conversation so I’m sure it was fine.  I just hope I didn’t talk too fast at the start.  I felt like I was kind of rushing through things.  There were a few things Sally mentioned that I hadn’t prepared for like WITL and Gretchen Rubin’s habits scale but since they were both topics I knew a bit about I actually found them easy to talk about.  I did the quiz and found out that, like Sally, I am an obligor.  I stick to habits better if I am answering to someone other than myself, that’s what I expected.

Once the podcast was over Al and I had breakfast.  I finally relented and got dressed from my PJs to some real clothes and made a food shop list.  After cleaning the fridge because something was stinky in there.  We went to Lidl to do some food shopping and I told Al to get used to me taking lots of photos of him this week.

We went to some of the shops in Wombwell and I told Al my plans for re-decorating my living room based on the cushion I like in Wilko.  I have a cushion problem.  I actually want the ones Rebecca has.


We came home and both unpacked the shopping. Then I cooked Fajitas which we ate while watching Star Wars Force Awakens.  So many great lines!!


Poe: Who talks first? Do I talk? Do you talk? Ray: Stop taking my hand! Ray: The one I’m pointing to. Maz: I like that Wookie. Han: I’ll do what I always do and talk my way out of it.  Chewie: *makes noise*. Han: Yes it does. Every time. Leia: I hate watching you leave.  Han: that’s why I do it. So you’ll miss me. Han: That’s not how the force works. Finn: I’m rescuing you.  Poe: You need a pilot. Finn: I need a pilot.
We ate cinnamon buns which is our tradition after every food shop – normally on a Sunday.  It feels like a Sunday.



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