Week in the life 2017 – Tuesday

[[ Just a note that today I enjoyed the writing process so much more because during the day I had been thinking about story starters: Today was a big day, We had a disaster, When I walk through my house, In the evening.  These starting points made my thoughts flow.  Let me know how you start your stories]]


When I walk through my house I want to make it neat and tidy.  I look at the mess that seems to extend to every corner, every side and every surface and I want to sort it out.  But today I was standing in the kitchen trying to sort the pots out and Ben kept coming in, taking my hand and leading me into the living room where he had got out some new toy, or box of toys and upturned it on to the floor.  The Mega Blocks were everywhere, every single one of his vehicles were thrown from their box and the Thomas and friends cards were scattered across the room.  I neatened it up a little but the next time I came through he had been into the dining room and emptied out the box with the marble run, octons and pirate bowling pins.  He upturned it and took out a solitary ball.  The pots didn’t get finished.  Not all the toys were returned to their drawers.  Chaos reigns.  But my boy was happy and we even got some time to play together.  bty

He did make me laugh though.  One of those parenting moments where you really should not be seen laughing by the child.  He was building a tower of mega blocks and to break it up he threw it at my face.  It actually really hurt my cheek and I stopped smiling, pointed at him and said “No.  No throwing.  That’s naughty.” He stopped what he was doing, smiled, patted my arm and said “Na na mamma”.  It was part comforting and part patronising.  I could not help laughing.  Hopefully he didn’t see as he had turned away and hopefully next time I can be more firm.


Tea tonight was Pasta Bake and I took it out of the oven just as Al walked up to the house – perfect timing.  Sometimes I enjoy cooking and sometimes I am so grateful for simple straightforward meals that come together with very little preparation.  Today was the latter.  Pasta + sauce from a jar + water + cheese = a meal for 3.  Ben loved it and Al was hungry enough to eat it despite knowing straight away that it was creamy tomato which he doesn’t like.

 In the evening once Ben has gone to bed Al and I snuggle up on the sofa to watch something.  Tonight we watched Lie to Me.  I’ve been enjoying Once Upon A Time but it’s kind of depressing.  It just feels like it’s one bad thing after another and the future never looks much brighter.  Maybe this was why I stopped watching it last time.  I want to persevere with it and see some characters I haven’t seen yet but it does get me down.  Is it worth it?  Lie to Me is one of those shows I could watch again and again.  Second only to The Newsroom which I think I may have to re-watch, it’s almost been a full year since the last time I watched it.  That’s long for me.


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