Week in the life 2017 – Friday

My thoughts for the day:

Sometimes we Fall down. Toddlers do ever so well at getting back up again. They try again. Such bravery. Let’s all be a little like toddlers and pick ourselves back up when we fall and keep on trying. 

Doing WITL has made me want to keep my house tidy. Its helping to motivate me to cultivate the life I want to record. 

I wish I knew what Ben was saying. There are lots of times he babbles and I know what he means or I respond like I know what he said. But some times he will sound so intense and he will gesture with his hands too. I feel bad that I don’t understand because he’s really trying to tell me something. Even more so when he goes up at the end like he’s asking a question. I often say “Oh baby, I wish I knew the answer but I don’t even know the question” 

Ben always has a handful of shreddies while I make breakfast to keep him occupied *cough* I mean going. 

I so love that Ben can help out with jobs and he enjoys putting things in the bin. 

Too often I have kids TV show theme songs in my head. I really need to listen to some music occasionally. 

Most of the times we get on the train I get Ben out of the pushchair and fold it down. Today though I seem to have more stuff, coats we aren’t wearing, the rucksack as well as the big camera that I’m getting a little paranoid about as its the first time I’ve brought it out. So I left it up and managed to get it on the train by myself. Even the conductor was impressed, he didn’t even have chance to offer to help. 

Ben made me chuckle by blowing a kiss to the train as we left. 

We thought we were under attack when an alarm went off in the whole of meadowhall. Luckily it didn’t last long. 

Me and Kim started planning going to Harry Potter Studios. We are going to look out for deals. I so want us to go. 

We saw Eleanor and little Oliver and oh my! He looks so like Paul. 

Ben is currently loving dandelions and wants me to pick them from peoples gardens. 

Today Ben has run on snacks and sweets. 

I know what I like and I like what I know. I bought clothes from primark but only ones I’ve bought before. 

Feeling the need to introvert. 

Home and the dad from 102 and his son came round to drop off my package that they took in for me. I was going to go round when Ben was in bed. I never take packages to people if I accept them. I always think its their package they should come and pick it up. Its my WITL folder. I need to try to resist making anything till next week. I know I’ll have a better perspective of the week as a whole then. And can distribute non-day-specific photos. 

I need to make a to do list. 

I love that Kim and I still get together at Meadowhall. I still have memories of our trips there as teenagers. 

Thwarted by technology!!!! Damn stupid aura. 

Cuddles with both my boys at once. My heart is so full. 

Convincing Al that we should get Dominos šŸ™‚ hahaha. 


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