Week in the life 2017 – Saturday


Dear Ben
Thank you for the very loud and insistent 6am wake up call. I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway so it was probably for the best. Don’t worry though bud, I’ll get my own back on you when you’re a teenager and want to stay in bed all day.


You wanted me to play with your monster truck which is currently your favourite toy. You started watching Blaze and the monster machines and now you’d rather watch that than Paw Patrol, which had been a long time favourite. In the last few days you can be heard yelling “Le Baaay” which means “Let’s Blaze” as you throw your monster truck through the air, occasionally catching yourself on the head. You will even refuse to go to bed unless you have the truck with you. You like to carry it (and a number of other toys) upstairs with you to the bathroom. You do not want me to help in case I take them away.

We are now sat having breakfast, momma needs some energy, of shreddies, milk and banana and you have two small diggers who are being very helpful and trying to pick up the shreddies and you say “danchoo dedder” which means “thank you digger”.

I love your independence, you know what you want to do and you don’t mind much if I’m not always with you. Today you found a patch of dirt to play in and it didn’t matter how many times I said “Come on Ben. I’m going now. Bye Ben” or how far away I got, you carried right on playing in the dirt. You trust me to never put you in danger and our attachment is strong enough for you to feel safe at a distance.
You know your own mind, as we walked past a patch of flowers you started saying “I’m stuck” we carried on and you kept saying it so I got you out and you turned and walked back the way we came. I thought you were heading back to the dirt patch but you went to where you saw the flowers to pick a specific dandelion. There were lots of yellow flowers in the park but not many of the ones with seeds on. You knew that was the one you wanted.
Even though you’re happy playing at a distance you still like me to play with you too and on the playground you kept taking my hand so I would go on the climbing frame with you. Then you would sit down and pat the seat next to you saying “here mamma”.


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